Daily Archives: 02/07/2011

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

That which you see inside the ashtray, that weird twisted thing, that is my past.

All the cigarette burns, all the swaying emotions, all the broken bones from deep roller falls, all the times I was told I was less of a man than the ashes in the crystal ashtray on the living room table… they’re all gone.

All of those portraits of seemingly undead mocking laughter, the shovel that dug the grave for my optimism, the inevitable failure, the instability… gone.

Buried. Dead. Gone.

I am no longer the ashes…

I am the Ashtray.


Clarice Pulled A Heartstring

“[…]Well…you still need a fellow psychopath to help you out.”

“Do you want to be my fellow psychopath ?”

“I do. In fact, I’m improving my abilities with artillery, in general.”

“Great. You bring the guns, I’ll bring the cutlery.”



I don’t think you know it, Clarice, but it means a lot to me. You succeeded in pulling another heartstring.