Daily Archives: 10/07/2011

The Wayfarer’s Perspective

Oh, the wonders of the wayfarer life !

I see trees and the sky, at strife;

I see swollen faces tired of their routine;

I see on the road the traces of gasoline;


And I don’t understand, how in the world can there be a man

who gets enraged by things as simple as the frying pan

that spilled boiling oil on his brand new suit,

in a waitress’ mistake at a cafeteria table.


After all, aren’t they all just soulless atoms ?

Like the mass-destruction bombs that killed thousands,

or the little rock in the poet’s alternative metaphor…


People are losing themselves out there.

That’s all I can see when I fare.


Falling Snowflakes

It takes a lot to admit I’ve lost. I did.

I was so overwhelmed with the crushing winter’s blow that I was stripped of what was left of my poor optimism. I ignored how ridiculous was the question I was about to ask. And when I got the answer to that preposterous denial of everything I had fought for, I wasn’t surprised. I was just… used to it.

Used to feeling broken. Used to feeling wrong, and foolish beyond repair. Used to seeing that face looking at me, from above and down below, telling me exactly the opposite of what I wanted to hear… and, hey, I’m not a whimsy fella, I’m just tired of being shut up by my false sense of righteousness. I’m just tired of being disabled by the Snowgirl’s demolishing words.

She just makes me feel like I don’t know who I am. Who am I ? The star-crossed lover, the depressed infant, or the Ashtray Writer ? Or am I the biggest and stupidest contradiction this world has ever seen ?

This is all I know for sure:

The Snowgirl will never know how to love.

I’m A Photographer

And I hate my metaphors.