About Someone I Once Had

Sinking away from madness, he swore to destroy all the traces of sorrow in his damned little heart.

He wasn’t afraid of the lonely outcomes that his plaid shirted friends predicted he’d have, but all he could do was seek out his pacific revenge against an old but still standing thirst for something you’d never understand. You can see that he moves in a straight line when thinking about what to do…

In that context, he met her.

Dressed in black, the little girl was smiling all the time, in contrast with what he later learned was a Hell of a life. He thought there was nothing wrong about the frantic way his heartbeats responded to the closeness she dared to display to his unique case of mischievous insanity. She was his only hope of survival, she was his only hope for not giving way to hating, to tearing, to mashing, to pulling close the instantaneous love for the crushing of bones.

She wasn’t around him much, albeit she was always taking care of his growing personality. She told him everything there was to know about the lair of the Beast, while he listened with shining eyes and building desire, for what he heard was nothing more than the oral version of his deepest dreams. So deeper, still, was his desire for having her hand crossed with his, for all he thought would be the Countable Eternity, in a magical sea of undying love… it was a preposterous feeling, and as such it was tucked away in the trunk of his mind.

All he could do, then, was walk as close to her as he could, without touching her hands, or her hips, or her lips… and everything would be alright. He’d be alright, guarded by his Black Angel.

He never even considered the possibility that she might one day leave him.


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