The Straggler’s Lesson

Looking me in the eye. she had the sparkle of youth and the serenity of experience. I was cautious of both aspects of her personality, when I heard her saying, with an angry voice:

“You never listen to what I tell you… if you keep acting like that, you’ll have to learn it the hard way”

That phrase, being voiced by her sweet tone, was the background music for my wondering for a long time after it was said. And the more I watched her, the more I knew how right I was in not following her heartful suggestions. She was, as I described her to myself, the female version of me, with a little less luck on the friends she had made throughout her life, and with her wagon a couple of miles down the path of darkness, while mine was standing still on the spot where the road of carnage crossed the road of reason.

From her line, I drew my conclusion. I came out with what she was ultimately trying to teach me: the reason why she was standing there, with a decaying health and a mouthful of regrets.

Vampires never win. I get it.


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