Monthly Archives: April 2012

Grilhões de tinta

“You’re out of order”…

Me disseram que os sonhos eram asas sem motor,
Mas com fumaça me impediram de beber das nuvens
E aquela farsa de pensar com os sentidos abafados
Foi o que me impuseram no delimitar da sentença.

Mesmo com os olhos secos, me doía que a vida findasse
Enquanto, na ilusão faustosa da justiça
Me levavam ao ninho das serpentes
Para me acorrentar à tinta preta da impressão.

A última cena de que me lembro é a do fórum:
Ouvindo aquela velha canção de presídio,
Eu e a maçaneta enferrujada, olhando o mundo lá fora
Como se o assoalho fosse em mim reavivar algum cadáver.


B ack G round

The beast within,

Haunting everything – stealing hence my whim.

Carving, her profane laughter, her joyous soundwaves of mischief

Oh, she’s stiff in here. Steady, ready to flourish in my closed eyelids again like a wallpaper and sing her hell’s bells’ ding to hack my sleep for another night

Like an eternal reminder of what I did

Who I were, whom in deed owned myself and my regards

It’s for her pride,you see, that I’m inclined to, to and fro, visit her legacy

“Why stand aside when you’re young enough to withstand the blow with bare feet and uncovered wrists, while also enjoying the ride nevertheless?”

Would you still have the courage and cold-bloodedness to peep into my “sightless soul” again and have the same mocking laughter you had last time? last night?

You still lick my dreams wet with your vampire tongue.

I wonder… what is three years to you, to a lad you clad with youth?