Monthly Archives: May 2012


Fitava. Bufava. Estremecia.
Como se engolisse nos espinhos a insurgência
Da seiva de uma rosa lambendo gosto escarlate.
Como se pela garganta enraivecida descesse
Fel e osso e vil metal que raspa, arde e faz sangrar.

Enjaulado, controlado, mudo,
Em cada voci-fera presa e apascentada
Um espasmo enxaguava os olhos de vermelho.
Em cada jabe, coração tentava avanço
Inútil às espessas, alvas barras da razão.

Castrado miúdo sisudo
Afinal, presto o subjugar enfurecido
Veio agregá-lo à procissão de rostos lisos.
Afinal, sem escape a ira pressionada
Envenenou de paz o vulgo indivíduo.



Why do you lower your head? You needn’t show them any proof of your approval, since it is quite clearly written on your face every single time your stand before them. That being so, you cannot just simply feel ashamed for your selfless behavior, as you most certainly try to fake what you reckon is not a true fact. You must do something about it, either begin an insufferable changing process or, as I am sure many will advise once you begin your melodramatic storytelling after leaving here today, you can face what is undeniable and accept your inner goodwill towards your superiors. If a man doesn’t accept what dwells within his intimacy, he will most certainly live a joyless life. I tell you this because I can see the rebellious influences that surround you not doing their job in a correct manner, given your efforts in doing what they command you to do, whilst not feeling a single bit of self-respect. I can also acknowledge the way you look so much more at ease when there are no orders from your striving comrades and you can rely on the leading forces in peace. Why do you try so hard to be disconnected, when in your heart you’re completely satisfied with your current situation? Be true to yourself, ignore whichever counsel those who do not share your everyday experiences give you, unless it’s something you have a positive feeling about. There’s no need for a revolution when the context is better than what is planned for the future. If you don’t keep your mind right, you might end up being manipulated by those who want to change it for their satisfaction.